Staying Awake and Alert on Long Hauls

staying awake and alert on long hauls

Staying awake and alert on long hauls

It’s no easy task. Long hauls can keep you on the road for hours, and especially when combined with an irregular sleep schedule, it’s easy to get tired. Unfortunately, most payment arrangements encourage drivers to stay on the road longer. This can lead to unsafe fatigue. It’s important to balance time on the road with rest while you’re on long hauls. Make sure that you fit in some sleep, and use the following tips for staying awake and alert on long hauls. That way, you can reach your destination safely.

Eat well

Both before you hit the road and when you make a pit stop, make an effort to eat healthily. We know it’s easy to grab some fast food, but you may be kicking yourself for it once you’re back on the road. Fat and sugar can give you a temporary boost, but once your body has processed them, they’ll leave you feeling more tired than before. While you’re on long hauls, opt for meals that have lean protein and complex carbohydrates. Chicken, fish, whole grains, and vegetables are all good choices. The same rule holds for snacks. Instead of sugary candy, try a piece of fruit or some nuts. These snacks will help to keep you awake without causing a later energy crash. Continue reading